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Erotic fiction - read A Fresh Start for free

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The best way to get over an awful ex? By hooking up with someone you've wanted for years

I've finally ended up unpacking. Propping a photo on the window ledge by my bed, I glance round at my new flat. The plant that Nicki got me as a relocating present sits alongside a vacant bottle of Cava and also two ancient sparkling wine flutes, remnants of our celebrations last evening. A bed, two heaps of publications as well as a bulging garments rail make this half of the level appearance jammed currently. A pre-owned couch works as a divide between the 'room' as well as the 'kitchen area', including a coffee table, 3 deep purple flooring pillows (borrowed from the coffee shop where I work) and also a 1970s kitchen space that I can't wait to paint.

This is my new studio flat having whatever that I have on the planet. To an unfamiliar person, it might look pitiful, but to me it's perfect.

After a connection that ought to have finished a whole lot earlier, I ultimately broke up with my boyfriend of three years three months earlier. I've been couch surfing since I vacated as well as it really feels unbelievable to lastly have my own space. I have actually craved this possibility for as long that I do not mind forking out the added rental fee for a studio level. Since I've ultimately gotten a significant work, it's time to belong of my very own also.

The last year with my ex was unbearable. He would certainly constantly been jealous, however the further we expanded apart, the more suffocating his possessiveness ended up being. If I went out without him I 'd need to 'fail to remember' my phone to stay clear of obtaining fifty arsey texts and also needing to guarantee him that no, I had not danced with any kind of individuals, and also indeed, it was a crap evening without him. It got so poor that I quit wanting to see my closest pals-- also a night with Nicki would lead to a fight.

However the most awful sacrifice I made was losing contact with Tom. Nicki's my oldest pal, but Tom was my closest. I satisfied him at my first Saturday job, waitressing at his Daddy's dining establishment. He made me laugh on my really first shift and we were inseparable from that minute on, always sliding off on our brake with bottles of half-finished white wine and also tasting each training course, "simply to ensure that it's OKAY for the clients". Little did I recognize that my weekend task would influence my future career. Yet also after that I guessed that my partner in crime would be a pal permanently.

Tom is one of those drop dead stunning men that every woman wishes to go out with. Naturally, he's had a string of pretty, boring partners for as long as I have actually known him. There's absolutely nothing between us, we're simply good friends, but attempt telling my ex-spouse that. We had a lot of contest Tom that I stopped seeing him and permitted us to drift apart totally.

Alright, there was one-time when I questioned whether anything would occur between us. We had actually gotten on vacation with each other to stick with his aunty in Spain. We had so much enjoyable investing long, careless days on the coastline, sipping chilly beers with numerous bocadillos. It was just one of the only times in 8 years of friendship that neither people remained in a relationship. In fact, I was just there to stand in for a sweetheart he had actually broken up with days before.

The evening prior to we went home he dared me to go skinny-dipping. We were sitting on the pier where one of the dining establishments had placed a few tables up by the water's edge. I understood he assumed I would certainly never ever do it and I was greater than a little tipsy so I pulled my strapless gown off there and afterwards as well as jumped right in. The water was freezing and I hurried to the surface, squealing.

Tom was curved over with giggling. Reaching to draw me up out of the water, he clutched me in his tanned arms as well as a wave of power ran between us. I hadn't been wearing a bra as well as, as I clambered up to him, I knew my small knickers were see-through from the water. Of course I really felt self-conscious, but as his eyes flickered along my body, sticking around on my solidified nipple areas, I practically forgot my shame. I wanted him to check out me, I seemed like it was the first time that he 'd truly seen me. A wave of power hurried via me, tingling in between my upper legs. If I had not seen the waitress walking over simply after that, well, I do not know for certain, but I really felt sure he 'd have kissed me.

I pulled my dress on before I was seen and we relaxed to complete our drinks, yet the environment had changed entirely. Every other evening we had actually been shouting with laughter and also taking the piss out of each other. Instantly we were quiet, the air between us heavy with expectancy. I bear in mind exactly how thrilled I felt, but also just how aggravated I was that this was only happening currently, the night before we went residence.

On our way back to his auntie's apartment or condo, he put his arm around me, a gesture that he 'd duplicated a hundred times, yet this one it was various, much more tentative, his fingers delicately circling my sun-kissed shoulder. My heart was pounding, my senses really felt increased. The smell of salt water in my hair was mingling with the refined aroma of his skin. The moist night air felt like it was surrounding me with audio of songs as well as people and talking in the dining establishments that we passed. Everything was escalated and also unreal. My mind was already in his auntie's flat, me sat on the side of her table with him stood kissing my neck, pushing my dress up to my waistline as well as slipping inside me. Tom, my buddy Tom, licking the seawater off my skin and also attacking down on my breasts.
Yet none of that was meant to be. His aunty was waiting for us with a space loaded with friends as well as neighbors. Before this group of people, we slipped directly back into our acquainted duties, Jess and also Tom, totally platonic pals.
I slid my fingers between my legs

I had not been able to rest that evening though; it was exasperating recognizing that he was existing there in the following room, tantalisingly close. I pictured him naked in bed, combating with the covering in the heat, as sleep deprived as me. I could not stand it, the need that he 'd stired up in me had to be released. I slid my fingers in between my legs as well as pictured Tom's strong hands running up my thighs, his hot, hard lips and soft, damp tongue inside me. I attacked down on my lip and also squeezed the sheets. With the idea of him, hard and also thick, pulsing inside of me, I reached a shivering climax, prior to falling under a disappointed sleep.

I kiss goodbye to Andreas and also Peter and also screw the door of the cafe behind them as they walk out into the dark evening. It's been a long, active day and also they have actually gained their suggestions, showing every client the enthusiasm that we take satisfaction in at Te Quiero. When the proprietor told me that he wished to take a go back to begin a new venture, I would not quit at the pay rise he supplied me, I reeled off my concepts for a restoration as well as demanded being made a shareholder. It's a little quantity, however it makes a substantial distinction. I no longer really feel as though I'm tossing my power right into somebody else's project. I'm doing this for me as well as it's given me the self-confidence to turn my life around.

I imagined Tom's strong hands adding my thighs, his hot, difficult lips

I go through to the little back office, marking off the modifications I have actually made with pride. The wall surface that I've dedicated for neighborhood artists to show their work with is frequently changing. A portrait of a proud, moustachioed male with pleasant eyes advises me of Tom's dad. I visit to Facebook at the office computer, welcoming the brainless interruption that will certainly help me to switch off after an active day. I click onto Tom's profile web page and also have a flick via his photos. This has come to be a habit lately, before I recognize it, I discover I have actually lost half an hour considering photos of Tom on a coastline in Thailand bordered by bikinied girls, Tom on the back of a motorbike straddling among his companions, Tom's familiar, magnetic grin, Tom at a grocery store bartering. Then, "Hi complete stranger" - a real-time message from the man himself-- pops up in the corner of my display.

I blush guiltily; does he understand that I've been tracking him?

I stroll to the bus stop with a spring in my action. I've missed Tom a lot, the means he makes me laugh, his surprising shyness if I ever before prosper in making him flush, the midnight banquets that we would certainly make after an evening out. I have actually been kicking myself for sacrificing our relationship, all for my ex lover's ego. I can lastly see exactly how useless it was. Nothing I did or really did not do would have made him believe me. And also Tom is the only person that I've ever had an actual, uncomplicated friendship with. Well, primarily uncomplicated.

I've obtained the following day of rest and also invest the early morning pottering around in Camden Market. In my mind, I intend what meal I'll pick for Tom when he pertains to the café, deciding that halloumi with chorizo, apricot as well as a green bean salad will be the excellent mix. I attempt to see Te Quiero via his eyes. Just how will he see me now I'm ultimately realising my passion to run my very own dining establishment?

After locating a 1930s mirror, a cashmere toss and also a box of white wine glasses for the level, I cart my brand-new purchases back on the bus. When I reach the door of my building there's a high, tanned man holding an enormous lot of sunflowers at my door. It's Tom, smiling at me extensively.

"Residence warming present," he states as I carelessly drop my bags at my feet and wrap my arms around him.
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